Kingspan Wind Turbines


All Kingspan small wind turbines are able to operate in any wind speeds, even storm-force conditions, without needing to stop. As wind velocity increases, the blades pitch and cone to protect the turbine while at the same time maintaining continuous energy production. And none of the turbines have a gearbox, reducing the number of moving parts. Consequently, they require minimal servicing during their lifetime.

The KW15 is the latest addition to Kingspan Wind’s acclaimed small turbine portfolio and the launch is expected to generate enormous interest, particularly among agricultural and rural communities. The company’s other turbines, the KW3 and KW6, already enjoy worldwide popularity, with over 4,400 currently operating in 60 countries, many with more than 20 years’ continuous operation.

The KW15 incorporates a number of technical advances in small wind technology specifically to ensure responsible operation, and enhanced aesthetics. The KW15’s distinctive clean lines are expected to be well received by both local authorities and planning departments as well as by landowners.

Kingspan 15kW, and 6kW Design


The patented Flexible Blade System enables the turbine to generate power in light or Strong winds. The unique system, a combination of innovative design and the latest techniques in advanced composite technology, allows the blades to bend and flex. As the wind gets stronger, the blades twist to reduce their aerodynamic efficiency.

This allows the Kingspan Turbine to keep a high output even in the fiercest storms, unlike many turbines which need to stop producing to protect themselves in high wind speeds. The blades will also regulate their speed, preventing damage, should there be any disconnection of load from the turbine, due to a power cut or electrical fault.


To add to customers’ comfort and peace of mind, all Kingspan Wind systems now come with a free and exclusive Royal Sun Alliance wind turbine insurance policy. Called Connect and Protect, it provides comprehensive cover, including damage, break down and loss of revenue and Feed in Tariff payments.

Kingspan Wind customers will qualify for 12 months free Connect and Protect insurance alongside the product warranty provided the installation has been carried out by a Kingspan Accredited Installer.

Feed in Tariff

For more information about the Feed-in Tariff scheme or how much you could save and earn from installing an electricity generating system please contact us.

Feed-in-tariff gives you 3-way financial benefits:

  • You are paid for every KWh of electricity that you produce and use.
  • You are also paid for the amount of electricity you feed back into the national grid.
  • You save on your energy bills.