EC Wind 55kW Wind Turbine

EC Wind is a Swedish 55kW wind turbine suitable for agricultural and industrial applications.

It utilises all the key functions and intelligence used within large scale wind sector but within mid wind turbine. The turbine utilises world class components from organisations such as ABB PLC. Its design enables the 55kW EC Wind Turbine to cut in earlier and consistently outperform other wind turbines of the same or similar size. On the first 20 installations in the UK the manufacturer warrants that the turbines performance will outperform its competitors.

EC Wind 55kW has fully automatic pitch control and rotor speed. This function enables the power output to be optimised at different wind speeds and at the same time making the turbine one of the quietest on the market. EC Wind 55kW is remotely monitored via GSM/Internet ensuring maximum returns.

EC Wind 55kW has a sturdy yet appealing design, built to the international standards for small scale wind power plants IEC 61400-2.

If you would like to see one of our EC Wind turbines in action please contact us to find out the date and location of our next on-site open day.

EC Wind Windpower Installation

EC Wind Windpower Installation

Features & Benefits:

Variable Rotor Speed

Enables a low cut in speed together with the ability to maximise power output throughout the curve.

Low cut in speed

With a cut in wind speed of 2.5m/s the EC Wind 55kW starts to generate electricity in very low wind.

Remote Monitoring

All sites are monitored remotely by EC Wind to ensure your turbine is working as expected and making the most of your investment.

Automatic yaw and pitch control

The turbine is intelligently altering the yaw (direction of the turbine) and pitch of blades to extract the most energy from the wind.

Seven Year warranty

The highest level of warranty for any turbine in this class.

No Gearbox

By designing out the need for a gearbox not only is the turbine quieter but the need to replace an expensive component has been removed.

Integrated Controls

All of the control systems have been neatly housed in the tower, negating the need for a separate outbuilding.

High annual energy output

All of the above, results in a very high annual energy output which results in a high level of return on capital invested.

Inside the EC Wind 55kW Wind turbine

Inside the EC Wind 55kW Wind turbine

Inside the EC Wind 55kW Wind turbine

Turbine loaded for transport

Inside the Wind Turbine:

1.Ultrasonic Anemometer (not pictured – on the outside casing)

Measures wind speed and direction. The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller ) can then intelligently yaw the machine into the wind and pitch the blades to maximise the power output. The ultrasonic version has no moving parts and allows the wind direction to be more accurately predicted.

2. Lightning Rod (not pictured – on the outside casing)

Provides a safe route to earth in the event of a lighting strike, protecting the turbine.

3. Control Cabinet (top right)

The control cabinet is neatly stored inside the tower. This negates the need for a separate building to house the controls and keeps them secure.

4. Generator

A highly efficient ABB generator delivers power to the control cabinet. The power passes through a rectifier and an inverter before being connected to the national grid.

5. Fail Safe Braking System

The disc brake stops the turbine for servicing and during very low wind to avoid any unnecessary usage of grid energy.

6. Belt Drive

The ECWind 55Kw does not use a gearbox. Instead a direct drive belt is preferred; this means there is no loss of energy due to a gearbox. There is also no gearbox to replace which can be an expensive item.

7. Yaw Motor

Using the data obtained from the anemometer the turbine intelligently yaws into the wind.

8. Intelligent Pitch Control System

The PLC controller actively controls the pitch of the blades to assist start up and avoid over speed during high wind conditions.

9. Fiberglass Blades

The blades are manufactured to Class 1 standard and have been specifically designed to maximise power output.

10. Tower

Swedish designed and manufactured towers are available in 18m, 24m and 35m.

EC Wind 55KW Technical Data

EC Wind 55KW Technical Data

ECWind 55kW Specification

— ECWind 55kW Specification


EC Wind

Download a Power Curve comparision between EC Wind & Endurance (pdf 0.1MB).

Download scaled drawing for EC Wind 55kW on 24m tower (pdf 0.3MB).

Download scaled drawing for EC Wind 55kW on 35m tower (pdf 0.3MB).

Feed in Tariff

For more information about the Feed-in Tariff scheme or how much you could save and earn from installing an electricity generating system please contact us.

Feed-in-tariff gives you 3-way financial benefits:

  • You are paid for every KWh of electricity that you produce and use.
  • You are also paid for the amount of electricity you feed back into the national grid.
  • You save on your energy bills.