We are a Renewable Energy Consultancy as well as a distributor, designer and accredited installer of sustainable energy technologies. We offer solutions for the generation of sustainable heat and/or electricity, our most common technologies include Biomass, Heat Pumps, CHP, Solar PV & Thermal and Wind Turbines or solutions combining many of them together.

Our team work throughout the UK, our aim is to provide a complete turn-key service from idea development through to solution delivery.

Our Client base range from Public & Community Sector, Commercial & Industrial, Rural Estates & Agriculture, Domestic or Consultants, Architects & Designers

The Project Process

The Project Process

Energy Assessment, Profiling, Informed Decisions

We often help support our clients determine their own energy profile, help drive LEAN / Six Sigma energy improvement programs and the appraisal of renewable technologies with paybacks helping you make those informed decisions as to which solution is “best for you”.

Incentives & Funding

The world of incentives such as the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) and FITs (Feed-in-Tariffs) is fast changing and often complex, we help you to navigate through these challenges, keep you up to date with the very latest news.

Planning & Grid Connection Processes

Planning approval may be needed for various technologies and differ depending on your local circumstances, we can help you navigate this often complex area of your renewable project, we have partners whom provide specialist consultancy services covering the provision of Ecology, Safeguarding, Environmental Impact Assessment, Noise & Cumulative Impacts

Co-ordination of Installation

Many of our renewable energy projects utilise many different technologies (Biomass, Solar Thermal, Wind, Solar PV, CHP etc) on the same project, its important these interacting technologies are considered “as one” ensuring true site integration and the minimization of costs.

Student, Employee, Community & Downstream Supply Chain Involvement

The delivery of an effective “sustainability” project relies on the involvement of every one! Don’t overlook one of the major benefits you have available from your investment, you have an excellent educational and environmental awareness opportunity, so use it.

We can help you integrate your project into your curriculum or business improvement plans, active participation in all stages of the project will help students, employees and customers alike enthusiastically embrace a true sustainability agenda.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

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