CHP Fuel

CHP Fuel – Woodchip

The Arbor Electrogen 45 runs on sustainably sourced dried woodchips, which are gasified at high temperatures during the energy generation process. CHP doesn’t require the use of a fossil fuel boiler to support the process and the real cost of generation per kWh is considerably cheaper than fuels such as oil, wood pellets or LPG.

The benefits of woodchip:

A.) Woodchip is the cheapest form of timber fuel
B.) It’s sourced locally and easily obtainable
C.) And requires minimal processing
D.) The woodchip can be delivered by the supplier straight into an automatic processing system so handling is minimal


The Specifics

The woodchips must be uncontaminated and of a specific, consistent G50 size and shape to prevent obstructions and reduce wear on the system. The mix should also be dried to around 15% moisture content before use. Many CHP owners choose to have moist woodchip supplied at a discounted rate and dry it before use using some of the heat from their plant. Moist woodchip can be around 50% cheaper than pre-dried woodchip. It is also possible to chip your own timber, as long as the chips meet the requirements of the system.

As part of the system design process we will consider your fuel storage and delivery to develop a strategy for the easiest and most cost efficient way to source your fuel. We will also assist you in finding a local fuel supplier or contract chipping service to minimise the cost of fuel and delivery to your site.


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