CHP Technology – The ArborElectrogen

Eco EnerG Solutions (Renewables) Ltd only supplies and installs the very best, efficient and reliable technology, our Biogas CHP plant of choice is the ArborElectroGen.

The ArborElectroGen® range delivers cost-effective, low-carbon heat and power for a variety of applications with incredibly low carbon emissions.

The ArborElectroGen 45 offers exceptional operational performance and was the first wood-fuelled product to be accredited by OFGEM for the Biogas RHI.

The ArborElectroGen can be installed indoors or outdoors and comes in a range of sizes, depending on your requirements.





Fuel & Consumption


The ArborElectrogen Range

ArborElectroGen 45 – Produces 45kW of electricity and 83kW of Heat

ArborElectroGen 200 – Produces 200kW of Electricity and 185kW of Heat, suitable for leisure centres, small hospitals, large hotels, large rural estates

ArborElectroGen 400 – Produces 400kW of Electricity and 360kW of Heat, suitable for larger hospitals, estate complex.

ArborElectroGen 800 – Produces 800kW of electricity and 702kW of Heat


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