CHP Costs & Returns

In addition to reducing overheads, CHP attracts three revenue streams:

A.) Biogas Renewable Heat Incentive (bRHI) for the heat that you use and
B.) Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC’s) for the electricity you generate
C.) Payments for Exporting surplus electricity to the grid

As you will be using the heat and electricity you will benefit from reduced energy bills and this saving can be factored into the overall returns you can expect to receive.

As an example, ideally you need to run the ArborElectrogen 45 system for 8,000hrs a year to fully maximise the potential. Aside from scheduled maintenance your CHP plant can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


A.) The system generates 82kw of heat (656,000KWth annually)
B.) Receive the RHI for the heat that you use
C.) Reduce your existing energy bills. Example based on you using oil and saving 6p/litre



A.) The system generates 40kw of electricity (320,000kWh annually)
B.) Receive 1.9 ROC’s per kWh generated
C.) Reduce your electricity bill by using the power* 
D.) Export surplus electricity to the grid

*Example based on 50% used paying 11p/kWh

Fuel, Service & Maintenance

A.) The system uses 38kg/hr or 304 tonnes per year based on 8,000 operating hours
B.) Annual fuel costs £36,480*
C.) Service & Maintenance £14,000 per year inc parts and labour

*Assuming 15% moisture wood chips approx £120 a ton



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