Solar PV Tracker

Astronomically Controlled Dual-Axis Solar Tracker

As one of the North East’s largest and longest-established installers of residential and business solar products, we’ve already helped hundreds of businesses and homeowners reap the rewards of solar. We provide Solar Photovoltaic Systems large and small, simple to install and saving you thousands, solar PV is a brilliant financial investment. A residential solar system is also an investment you can be proud of.

To get you started, we’ll give you the information you need and our accredited team of solar installers will design and install a solar system that’s right for you. Our Solar PV Systems are accredited and suitable for gaining the FIT payments.

Kirchner Dual Axis Solar PV Tracker.

The dual-axis photovoltaic tracking systems always align with the optimum angle to the sun. Optimum solar alignment is made possible by a precise astronomical control developed specifically for this purpose.

This tracker, solar pv panels and inverter package are the highest quality manufacturer of solar equipment available today. They are a well-established PV company, with service standards comparable to other top-class organisations.

Our solar installation should provide you with electricity, year round and will integrate into your existing electricity supply. Depending on the system sizing and total demand solar panels can completely meet your electricity requirements at certain times of the day and year.

Kirchner Dual Axis Solar PV Tracker. Connections and Cabling.

Kirchner Dual Axis Solar PV Tracker. Connections and Cabling.

Connections on a dual axis solar PV tracker

Electrical connection of Solar PV Tracking Modules

Over the years thousands of sonnen_system trackers have demonstrated and verified maximum effectiveness. sonnen_system is the world‘s most reliable and comprehensive solution for dual-axis tracking systems. It is a meticulously engineered product that includes a precise astronomical control, developed in cooperation with the photovoltaic specialists at SMA Solar Technology.

Sonnen system solar duel axis tracking units .

Sonnen system solar duel axis tracking units .

Kirchner Dual Axis Solar - a sonnen_system dual axis tracking unit.

A sonnen system dual axis tracking unit.


The unique safety concept safeguard enables a comprehensive communications exchange, allowing sonnen_system to reliably produce electricity at a consistently high level. The tracking systems follow the course of the sun precisely, allowing for the maximum of available solar energy to be captured throughout the day.

This innovative technology generates a solar energy surplus of up to 45 % compared to fixed-mount PV installations. The construction of the sonnen_system ensures safe and reliable operation.


Performance of a sonnen_system tracking unit for 24 hrs vs. performance history of a fixed-mount photovoltaic system of the same system size.

Photovoltaic solar tracking inverter.

Photovoltaic solar tracking inverter.

A robust and optimized structure provides stability and support throughout the lifetime of the tracking system. The sonnen_system is designed to operate for 20 + years and is equipped and constructed with the highest-quality components and materials available on the market today.

Main Technical Features

  • Biaxial tracking system for photovoltaic installations
  • Astronomical control based on local coordinates
  • Centralized monitoring via Internet
  • Comprehensive safety concept safeguard
  • Building integration feasible
  • Additional yield up to 45 % compared to fixed-mount installations
  • Track-back function to prevent cross-shading 20-year warranty (depending on service agreement)
  • Suitable for all panel brands

The Kirchner Solar Group is a pioneer in the solar industry and was founded in 1991. The company’s products and services include the design and the installation of photovoltaic systems for any type of roof, the production of its own solar tracker systems sonnen_system, the production of independent off-grid systems, trade of high-quality PV components and public fund concepts as well as customized solar systems.

So far Kirchner Solar Group produced and installed more than 11,000 sonnen_system trackers worldwide, implemented more than 6,500 rooftop systems and solar parks. Besides their PV systems project and implementation activities, the company has engaged in years of commitment in the field of sustainable and environmental education. Kirchner Solar Group was awarded the German Solar Award 2010 for their work and commitment in the PV sector.